Ukrainian premiere of Keep A Fight

Keep A Fight is going to be screened as a part of Short Film Compilation Cannes Evening on the 7th of May just a week before the film is going to be presented in Short Film Corner and the Ukrainian pavilion in Cannes, France.

Event Cannes Evening is organised by Kinovyr Film Distribution will become an annual event aimed at increasing interest in the Ukrainian film industry. The aim of Kinovyr is the development and promotion of Ukrainian cinema through the production, distribution and international promotion.

The best films which were accepted to Short Film Corner were chosen to be screened in the cinema Kyiv and are planned to be in cinema release in the end of 2015.

The films to be screened:

  • Blame The Screenwriter – directed by Oleg Filipenko
  • Keep A Fight – directed by Anna Demianenko
  • For Rent – directed by Sergey Storozhev
  • Not Today – directed by Christina Sivolap.
  • Tenderness – directed by Anastasia Maksymchuk.
  • The Island – an animated short film directed by Nikita Tymoshchuk.